A downloadable game

this is a little prototype of a 3d platforming game i made for a game jam. its the first game ive ever actually sat down and made. theres not much content, you play as a psychic strawberry patterned box that can move around telepathically and you live in a little garden and you can jump on stuff. the player character wasnt going to be a box but i didnt have time to learn how to rig the model and make animations lol. but i put the model in the game so you can look at it and see what you were originally going to play as. you can think of it as the box admiring a statue of a cute girl and dreaming of what it can be someday. anyway thats it theres probably a lot of bugs but i am so tired so have this.

music from dova-s.jp

Install instructions

unzip the rar and run the exe to play the game


3dPlatformer.rar 36 MB


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Good work! Didn't see any bugs when I played it and the 3D model the box dreams of being is cute.


thank u very much!!